The pixeLobby podcast is a biweekly show bringing you the latest on photography Graphic Pesign Photoshop Lightroom, illustrator and more. With its host Brian Mundy and founder of Cindy Wilkerson. The pixeLobby give you tips, tricks, recommendations on gear and where to find it. We have a panel of experts including José Ramirez, Ed Ward, and Micah Burke. So come join us in the lobby…. pixeLobby
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Oct 12, 2015

Today we visit with Sebastian Bleak,

Sebastian Bleak is a Graphic Scientist, Training and Support Lead at Astute Graphics, makers of award winning, time saving plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator. Although he specializes in Adobe Illustrator, his focus is on the Creative Cloud workflow for Graphic Designers.

Follow his weekly project “Never Stop Learning” where he study’s up on different Adobe tools and shares his findings with the design community. He has been at it for over 220 weeks and the majority of tools studied are in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Aug 17, 2015


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This weeks pixeLobby podcast we talked to Nathan Wilkerson. Nathan’s native art is done by hand and then he brings it into autocad and does his magic there. He is a perfectionist. So much so that he assists the screenprinters on making sure they align things perfectly for the tshirts. He designs Tshirts, Art cards, Digital prints that are matted, decals for automobiles.

When someone tells Nathan it cannot be done he does not take that for an answer. He will work to find a way. He is also known for not only finding a way but the most efficient with the best quality. As an engineer it helps him think outside of the box too. Like when he started hand carving canoes and working on totem poles - he then would discuss new ways on how to do the projects.

Nathan's website's ~ an about Nathan with a video at the end.

Aug 3, 2015

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In today's podcast our panels of experts will be picking a logo and talking about their experience with designing logos what makes for a good logo and in the applications and workflow used to create a high impact dynamic logos to help you get noticed. In this week show our pick of the week for inspirational and upcoming Artist.


pixeLobby team:

Jesus Ramirez…

Ed Ward…..

Cindy Wailkerson…..

Micah Burke…..

Brian Mundy….



The logo I chose is the Nike swoosh

Morton's Salt

Roxy swimwear:

“I love New York” logo designed by Milton Glaser.


Huffington Post interview with Glaser where he talks about this logo.


Hot Pics:

what makes a good logo?

Designer David Airy

(also a book)

Artist Scott Robertson

Jennifer Boggett Photography

Vivian Maier

Paul Rand