The pixeLobby podcast is a biweekly show bringing you the latest on photography Graphic Pesign Photoshop Lightroom, illustrator and more. With its host Brian Mundy and founder of Cindy Wilkerson. The pixeLobby give you tips, tricks, recommendations on gear and where to find it. We have a panel of experts including José Ramirez, Ed Ward, and Micah Burke. So come join us in the lobby…. pixeLobby
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May 9, 2016

On today's pixelobby podcast Cindy Wilkerson, Brian Mundy and one of our very own Micah Burke will be talking about conferences and educational sessions. Micah will give us his unique perspective of attending ADIM and Adobe max.

Bonny Lhotka, DASS Art:


Photo ans story:


Apr 18, 2016

On today's pixelobby podcast Cindy Wilkerson, Brian Mundy and special guest Mark S. Johnson, Mark gives us insight into his photographic career this photo shop training videos and his passion for 3-D.

Mar 28, 2016


On today's pixelobby podcast Cindy Wilkerson, Brian Mundy and special guest Kevin Cook Kevin tells us all about his career, training videos and custom backgrounds as well as great advice for someone who wants to start their career in photography.

Mar 9, 2016

On today's pixelobby podcast Jesus Ramirez, Brian Mundy and special guest Erika Thornes Erika tells us all about her training videos on as well as her amazing underwater photography.

Feb 22, 2016

On today's pixelobby podcast Jesus Ramirez, Cindy Wilkerson, Brian Mundy and special guest Glyn Dewis. Glen Dewis tells us how he started his career, his  training videos and a hint of the new book???

Feb 8, 2016

On today's pixelobby podcast Micah Burke, Ed Ward, Cindy Wilkerson, Brian Mundy and special guest Morgana Creely discuss what our career and creative plans are for the upcoming year.

Jan 27, 2016


On today's pixel lobby podcast Micah Burke, Ed Ward and Brian Mundy to you about the ins and outs of find a quadcopter/drone. Things you should consider like starting out with a smaller practice drone, laws, regulations and the FAA.

Jan 11, 2016


Today's pixel lobby podcast Cindy Wilkerson Brian Monday interview Kimberly Fritz. Kimberly tells us about how she started in photography and leads us into her current project “happy arfday”.

Dec 21, 2015


On todays pixelobby podcast All I Want For Chrismas Is..…

Join us as our pixelobby panel, Micah Burke, Jesus Ramirez Ed Ward Cindy Wilkerson and Brian Mundy give you our wish list for santa, as well as suggestions for stocking stuffers.

Dec 7, 2015

header image

On todays pixelobby podcast we interview Torsten Kieslich.

Torsten Kieslich is a freelance journalist that usually writes

about all things related to photography and image editing. While

his main output is magazine articles, he also does video tutorials

and blog posts for other sites as well.


Web site

Nov 23, 2015

ED Header

On todays pixelobby podcast we interview Eli Dreyfuss.

Eli Dreyfuss is currently a sophomore at G-Star School of The Arts, studying photography and film. He been there for 2 years and it has inspired him to be behind a camera where he has found a love for photography. Eli started his own business where he specialize in portraits and event photography.

Web site

Nov 9, 2015


Today on the pixelobby podcast we interview Creely of Image Cinematic.

About Morgana Creely of Image Cinematic & our site specialist in "Thinking Outside the Box" for your productions. - Isn’t it just another image? Well no, actually – not for me. - I’ve always been drawn to images that tell stories. Old movies and photographs both hold a fascination for me – I love to wonder what has just happened, or what is about to happen next! These are the kinds of images I love to create. - Digital photography and retouching allows me to create the cinematic stories that I want to tell, and to share.

Web site

Oct 26, 2015


Today on the pixelobby podcast we interview Alicia D'Amico founder of Pure Emotions Photography

Pure Emotions Photography is recognized as an innovative leader in the photography industry. Our work is often described as Fine Art. We perfect the little details so that your imagery can be hung largely with pride on the walls of your home. We are down to earth and fun to be around but take our commitment to providing you with exceptional imagery very seriously. Your memories are as important to us as they are to you.

Web site




Google +

Oct 12, 2015

Today we visit with Sebastian Bleak,

Sebastian Bleak is a Graphic Scientist, Training and Support Lead at Astute Graphics, makers of award winning, time saving plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator. Although he specializes in Adobe Illustrator, his focus is on the Creative Cloud workflow for Graphic Designers.

Follow his weekly project “Never Stop Learning” where he study’s up on different Adobe tools and shares his findings with the design community. He has been at it for over 220 weeks and the majority of tools studied are in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Sep 28, 2015

Today we visit with Jonathan Willner.  Vibrant, Brilliant, Breathtaking Insects! Macro, it is Jonathan's niche, and he shares everything

there is to share about it. What lenses he uses, what he edits in, and even where he shops for his equipment. We ask Johnathan

Willner where he began and where he hopes to take his work in the future. Inspiring and informative.


Jonathan’s flicker:

Sep 14, 2015

Blake Rudis

Today we sit down and visit with Blake Rudis. Blake Rudis once an art major turned photographer and educator delves into his

Everyday HDR, Exploring HDR, Color Zone system, and the Digital system. He explains how his product differs from many of the


videos you find on HDR and photography.

Blake on pixeLobby site:


Blake's web site:

Blake's Twitter:

Aug 31, 2015

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In today's show featuring Nathan Todd Cool, we talk about his many hat’s. Author, Engineer, Meteorologist, & Photographer. Find out how Nathan balances his many interests, about how engineering plays into his work as a photographer, about fitness photography, & how the weather may affect you if your photography is done on the beaches.

Web site:


Google +:

Aug 17, 2015


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This weeks pixeLobby podcast we talked to Nathan Wilkerson. Nathan’s native art is done by hand and then he brings it into autocad and does his magic there. He is a perfectionist. So much so that he assists the screenprinters on making sure they align things perfectly for the tshirts. He designs Tshirts, Art cards, Digital prints that are matted, decals for automobiles.

When someone tells Nathan it cannot be done he does not take that for an answer. He will work to find a way. He is also known for not only finding a way but the most efficient with the best quality. As an engineer it helps him think outside of the box too. Like when he started hand carving canoes and working on totem poles - he then would discuss new ways on how to do the projects.

Nathan's website's ~ an about Nathan with a video at the end.

Aug 3, 2015

header Image 

In today's podcast our panels of experts will be picking a logo and talking about their experience with designing logos what makes for a good logo and in the applications and workflow used to create a high impact dynamic logos to help you get noticed. In this week show our pick of the week for inspirational and upcoming Artist.


pixeLobby team:

Jesus Ramirez…

Ed Ward…..

Cindy Wailkerson…..

Micah Burke…..

Brian Mundy….



The logo I chose is the Nike swoosh

Morton's Salt

Roxy swimwear:

“I love New York” logo designed by Milton Glaser.


Huffington Post interview with Glaser where he talks about this logo.


Hot Pics:

what makes a good logo?

Designer David Airy

(also a book)

Artist Scott Robertson

Jennifer Boggett Photography

Vivian Maier

Paul Rand

Jul 20, 2015

Header Image

Today in the pixelobby podcast we will be interviewing Mark Comon from the Creative Photo Academy.  Also joining us today in the interview is Cindy Wilkerson and Brian Mandy, host of the pixelobby podcast. Mark will be discussing his upcoming photo adventure to Alaska with emphasis and explanation of what is the best gear to take on this trip.

Host: Brian Mundy

Co Host:  Cindy Wilkerson


Special guest: Mark Comon


come join us on Facebook in the pixelobby



Jul 7, 2015

In today's podcast our panel of experts Will give advice to the Beginner / Enthusiast. We'll also have our hot pics for the show this send more on the pixelobby podcast.


Cindy - D7100 (D90 replacement)
GET a reflector

Micah - Sony Alpha a5100 / 6000 -
Manfrotto Tripod -

Jesus - Wacom Tablet
Backup - Amazon S3 Cloud

Ed - Create a morgue - make an image gallery of projects compile your projects ( see: )
Morgana Creely's tutorials -

Brian - GET A TRIPOD, good lenses, understanding light and how to manipulate light -

Picks of the show:

Cindy - Snag it -

Micah - Poster Posse -

Jesus - Amazon Video shorts -

Ed - iColorama -

Brian - 500px -

Cindy's 500px - Micah's 500px - Ed's 500px -

Behance -

May 26, 2015

Hosted by Brian Mundy

Cindy Joy Wilkerson

Micah Burke

Ed Ward

Jesus Ramirez


Our first show! Introducing the pixeLobby team. 

What is your workflow, what softwares do you use and what do you use to manipulate. 


Micah - Shoots with a5100 and D7000. Pulls files directly into Lightroom from camera card, allows Lightroom to do organization ( Edits in LR/PS, hand-blends HDR in Photoshop and Nik Efex Color Efex 4.


Cindy - Uploads to Lightroom, LR makes a copy to backup. Uses LR for basic tweaks, lens correction etc. Uses Photoshop for cropping/additional edits and masking. Uses Noiseware and Nik Efex. 


Ed - Shoots D7000, uses Photoshop almost exclusively along with ACR. Is considering LR for organization. 


Jesus - Graphic designer, uses stock photos mostly, doesn't use Lightroom often. Uses Bridge->Photoshop, after sketching with pencil to create design. Creates tutorials when he learns a new technique. 


Brian - Shoots Canon 5D Mark III, workflow with camera cards, numbers them 1-10 in that sequence so he always has files backed up. Copies files over to photos folder labeled with date and location information. Imports folder into LR - backed up to other removable drives automatically. Does global corrects in LR and edits more heavily in Photoshop. 


Discussion of different methods of organizing. Questions about how each team member uses LR and archiving. Matt Kloskowski's methods discussed (  


33:00 What is better? Lightroom or Photoshop? 33:00  Answer: YES! Don't Limit Yourself!


35:40 - pixeLobby is about art and artistic impression. 


36::00 - Hot Picks 

Brian Mundy Brain Fever Media - Circular -


Jes˙s Ramirez - Autodesk Sketchbook, Adobe Inspire


Ed Ward - Alien Skin, GoPro Studio


Cindy Wilkerson - Skylar Robbins Mysteries (Ed Ward cover design), Morgana Creely, Photoshop Training Channel, CJ Wilkes Photography


Micah Burke - The Arcanum, Julieanne Kost, PIXELOBBY.COM


pixeLobby - New design and new artists highlighted. 

Visit our Facebook page -